Develop innovative and inspiring activation concepts that help position a new casual running style amongst a fresh influential community.


Todays teenagers do not respond to a message of exclusivity, they are prioritising experiential purchases that they can share on social media. We created inspiring socially lead content that focussed on Creative Opinion Forming Networks. This campaign was supported by a viral hashtag and communication assets that generated engagement across Europe.


We recruited influential protagonists across Europe that illustrated the brands creative lifestyle and commissioned a series of aspirational passion films to support the campaign launch. Throughout the campaign we worked closely with the ambassadors to ensure we promoted value added relationships and worked with them to create a strategic posting schedule that created maximum reach and engagement during distribution of the content. Additional activation support came from a curated media partnerships, collaborative editorial and a fly posting campaign.


A strong brand association with a set of influential opinion formers, resulting in positive acknowledgement from their communities and network. The campaign encouraged community UGC, increased sales, customer engagement and awareness across multiple channels, receiving an estimated reach of 500,000,000.